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About Us


Sony Ambassadors with years of training and mentoring experience

Training byLUMIERE is offering an alternative experience to the traditional photography education system for those interested in a professional career in photography.  Whilst we are big supporters of online learning we truly believe in the power of face to face, hands on training. Critically we are different from other photography training businesses because the team are active and current in the industry – shooting, marketing and selling to customers every day.   Both Kate and Brent are Sony Europe Imaging Ambassadors. We know first hand the ups and downs, the successes and the failures and we will share all this with you in an honest yet supportive way.  Kate has represented the Nikon brand as a UK Ambassador through her Kate Hopewell-Smith Photography business and together we run luxury photography, filming and aerial business


If you want to know anything about photography THIS IS THE PLACE TO COME.

Kate and Brent have such a vast knowledge of all aspects of photography, from shooting, lighting, post-production, marketing, running a business, equipment….the list goes on….

The special thing about this dynamic team is the enthusiasm and care with which they impart their pearls of wisdom.  It is important to them that you totally understand what they are teaching you.  No skimming the surface, no stone unturned.  Nothing is too much trouble.

Every topic is taught in depth, and at your speed, with kindness.

– Christine Bradshaw , Foundation Programme Student 2017

Our Values

We have crafted the photography training school from a set of strong values and a desire to provide intimate, supportive, training to fill the knowledge and confidence gaps that really matter.



{real and genuine, true to ourselves}



{have significant or demonstrable bearing on the subject}



{aware of what is happening, accepted and prevalent at the moment}



{skilled and experienced in an art, occupation or branch of knowledge}



{tell the truth and able to be trusted, marked by integrity}



{friendly and easy to talk to}



{show skill and confidence}



{give help and encouragement, keep from losing courage}

Our Fantastic Partners & Industry Network


And many more

We have a large network of industry partners who will help you build and deliver a business to be proud of. Too many to list all of them on this page.

Need help with critical knowledge gaps?

We believe that photography is like a jigsaw puzzle.  When you begin to understand how complex it is you realise how many pieces are missing.  As you gain knowledge you begin to piece together the bigger picture.   We run workshops that we know help fill the really important gaps.  In a friendly home-from-home learning environment.

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