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Behind The Scenes


Behind The Scenes of Training byLumiere

It’s hard for us to express in words how passionate we are about training fellow photographers.   At times Brent will press ‘record’ and capture behind the scenes of a training day so if you want to get a sense of how training with us feels then please watch the short videos below.

Day 2: Confidence with Weddings at Stowe Landscape Gardens.

A behind the scenes video from a wedding photography workshop.

Confidence with Children on Location at Stowe Landscape Gardens

A behind the scenes video from a children’s photography workshop – focusing on lifestyle portraits of children and family.

Our photography training environment - very much home from home, relaxed and supportive

In this short behind the scenes video of Training byLumiere you will see the unique photography training environment that we have created.

Training Workshops

For a complete list of our Training Workshops please click here


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