Foundation Programme Modules


Small Businesses

The statistical truth & how to survive

  • Small business lifecycles
  • Working in your business – the management role
  • Working on your business – the entrepreneur role
  • The (many) lessons we’ve learnt (for your benefit)

Building a Business USP

Who am I? You can’t be all things to all people

  • What is a brand and why do you need one?
  • Where do you fit in the market – who are your customers?
  • Identify your niche or USP (unique selling point)?
  • What makes you different?


The basics of photography

  • How we see compared to cameras
  • How cameras measure light and dictate exposure
  • Understanding dynamic range
  • Sensitivity and ISO
  • Colour temperature
  • Working with natural light
  • Introduction to the essential role of artificial lighting
  • Lighting techniques – from speedlights to location flash and continuous light sources.

Business Foundations

The importance of professional practice

  • Business plan development
  • Legal Structure & Contracts
  • Business Structure: Taxes, VAT & NI
  • Finance: Accounts, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow, Expenses & Software
  • Insurance

Photographic Principles

The essential technical skills

  • Understanding lenses & depth of field
  • Mastering metering & manual exposure
  • Autofocus settings
  • Filters

Expression & Posing

The art of direction and body language

  • Posing techniques for individuals and groups
  • How to read body language and understand your clients



Letting your ideal customer know you exist

  • How to create desire & communicate benefits
  • The power of word of mouth testimonials
  • Relationship building with clients and suppliers
  • Managing PR
  • Website, Blogging, Email
  • Social Media
  • SEO Optimisation and keyword strategy
  • Trade shows


What am I worth and how should I sell?

  • Selling you – online and offline
  • Referrals
  • Pricing models and forecasting using a bespoke photography pricing calculator
  • Negotiations
  • Customer Relations
  • Copyright & Licensing


The art of construction

  • The Art of Aesthetics
  • Visual Elements in relation to Photography
  • Principles of Design
  • Strong & Weak Composition
  • Practical Assignment

Post Production & Workflow

Creating visual finesse and brand consistency

  • File management systems
  • Back up strategies and systems
  • Editing & Workflow– Lightroom & Photoshop CC, Colour Space
  • Sharing – Proofing & Digital Delivery
  • Printed Products – Exporting for print

Portfolio Building

Location shoots to develop style and confidence

  • Natural and low light location shoots to practice all technical, lighting and directing skills
  • The shoot themes will be decided with the input of all Foundation Programme students to ensure relevancy and individual needs are met

Strategic Partnerships

Choosing the right suppliers

  • Product partners
  • Technology partners
  • Marketing partners

Presentation Day

You present your business to the class

  • A safe environment to present your new business to the class
  • Get feedback from your fellow students and the resident professionals

Head Shots

Profile headshot shoots for your website and social media

  • Each student creates a brand profile brief of their ideal headshot
  • Students take direction from each other and experience being in front of the lens

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