This intensive one day workshop will begin with a discussion about how to market boudoir photography and improve your SEO position strategy and ranking. The session will also discuss how to advise clients on preparing for a shoot – locations, lingerie choice etc.  The most important part of the day will involve a real boudoir shoot in Kate and Brent’s home which has been decorated specifically for boudoir photography.  Boudoir requires great skill in lighting and posing so special emphasis will be given on these two elements to ensure that the ‘client’ is captured in the most flattering way possible for both portraits and full body shots.   After the live shooting session, we will discuss the importance of retouching and Kate will demonstrate the techniques and software that she uses.  There will also be time to discuss products that are popular with boudoir clients and what to expect from the sales process.


  • How to market boudoir photography in terms of SEO and social media
  • Preparing your client for a shoot – what you need to tell them
  • Location – what are the options?
  • A live location shoot with a ‘real’ woman to demonstrate lighting and posing techniques
  • Post production and retouching techniques
  • Pricing, Sales and products for boudoir sessions

Here is a behind the scenes video for Kate’s boudoir business which shows you the environment, a range of imagery that is possible from a shoot and gives you a real sense of what this training workshop experience will be like.