The truth today is that despite the fact that it is getting easier to take photographs it remains as difficult as ever to create truly inspiring images.  Many lifestyle photographers get comfortable with just using natural light or very simple speed light setups and avoid trying new or creative location lighting techniques.  However, fellow photographers have reached out and asked us to organise a workshop that will push you by incorporating creative lighting techniques to expand your knowledge and ability.  This workshop is particularly relevant for people wanting to produce creative wedding photography using location lighting. 

Learning to light a location or scene in a creative way will take your photography offering to the next level and ensure you are capable of delivering inspiring imagery regardless of the light or weather.   The workshop will focus on controlling and adding lights to produce something that you can’t achieve with natural light alone. 

The session will be location based at The Temple of Concord and Victory at Stowe Landscape Gardens – it will be hands on and focussed on problem solving to ensure that all delegates understand why the lights are positioned where they are, the choice (if any) of modifiers and what the camera settings are to give you confidence to leave with a new understanding of using light creatively with your clients.  And achievable, repeatable theories of creative lighting that you can take and implement in your photography offering.


  • How to use off camera lighting on location – learn to control the direction and quality of artificial light
  • Using modifiers to help achieve your vision
  • Creative use of gels to enhance locations and people
  • Posing and composition – these key elements to working with creative lighting will be explored and discussed during the session with models
  • Interactive, creative, brainstorming in the group – we will help bring your creative vision to life and demonstrate it isn’t as hard as you think to work with creative location lighting