With every photography business fighting to get to the top of Google Search, understanding the latest SEO ranking factors and Search Engine Optimisation techniques is vital to your business.   Having spent 25 years in IT Brent has undergone SEO training and is now fully certified and able to help you understand this key business requirement.  The fact is we are inundated with emails offering SEO optimisation services yet it is entirely possible to manage it internally and see the direct results of your efforts.  In addition to the half-day workshop, you will receive a before and after keyword ranking report.

The concept behind this workshop is to show you where you stand now in terms of visibility on search engines (using a report), how to create and implement an SEO strategy yourself and then follow up with you 3 months after the workshop to generate a second report to show your new organic traffic and keyword listing.

What you will learn:

The essential starting point for SEO for photographers is keyword research – doing the work to find out the actual search terms that potential clients enter into search engines when looking for photography services.  Although this sounds obvious it does involve thinking like a consumer and not a photographer!  This course will outline the process of creating a keyword strategy that you can implement yourself and review regularly.

Once you have your keyword strategy you need to implement it with On-page SEO – we will outline what you need to do to make sure your website is registered and communicates effectively with search engines (who you are, what you do) and refers to both the content itself, as well as the HTML source code.  Your efforts will be rewarded with improved organic traffic.

We will also introduce you to the tools that you can use to make ongoing SEO work easier and part of your business workflow.