Many wedding and portrait photographers label themselves as ‘natural light’ shooters and indeed that is how I positioned myself when I didn’t understand the benefits of flash or how to shoot it so that you can’t obviously see it in the finished images.  Being booked for my first truly ‘winter wedding’ forced me to gain knowledge in the use of on-camera speed lights. From that point on I have never gone on a shoot without one – whether on a sunny summer or overcast winter’s day – speed lights are truly ‘essential kit’.  This is not a portfolio building course – instead it is all about knowledge building. You will leave the flash workshop with a new confidence in how and when to use your speed light on and off camera and an understanding of its vital role in your kit bag.


  • Principles of flash: an introduction to how modern speedlights work in conjunction with your DSLR.
  • Sync speed: learn to understand the effect that your shutter speed has on flash.
  • Shutter speed: learn how to not kill the beauty of ambient light when using flash.
  • Aperture: controlling the amount of flash in the scene.
  • Flash Exposure Compensation: learn how to control the subtlety of your flash exposure.
  • Colour Temperature: learn how to match your flash to the ambient light
  • On Camera Fill Flash: you will be trained in how to improve poor light (indoors and outdoors) and how to shoot individuals, couples and groups outdoors in full sun.
  • Off Camera Flash: you will be trained in how to light portraits, groups and the dancefloor using speedlights, triggers and modifiers.


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Reviewer – Angela Nicholson