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6 Month Foundation Program

If you want to know anything about photography THIS IS THE PLACE TO COME.

Kate and Brent have such a vast knowledge of all aspects of photography, from shooting, lighting, post-production, marketing, running a business, equipment….the list goes on….

The special thing about this dynamic team is the enthusiasm and care with which they impart their pearls of wisdom.  It is important to them that you totally understand what they are teaching you.  No skimming the surface, no stone unturned.  Nothing is too much trouble.

Every topic is taught in depth, and at your speed, with kindness.

If you want to improve any aspect of your photography COME TO LUMIERE.

Christine Bradshaw

Speed light training

I am just writing to say thank you very much for the training yesterday. I was so scared (and didn’t really ever want to use) of flash. You have completely changed my perception of speed lights and I’m now extremely excited to practice and have a play with mine.



Kate is the most amazing trainer I have been taught by. I have been to several of her courses and have left each and everyone feeling inspired, motivated and full of ability! Kate gives 100% in all her training, sharing so much knowledge and encouragement. I wouldn’t have a business if it wasn’t for her support and belief in me. Kate and Brent make a wonderful team. I have been trained by other people and companies but the intelligence and thought behind Kate’s courses has never been surpassed. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Thank you Kate! xXx

Lorraine Claire Bull

Wedding Photography Training

‘An Investment in Excellence’

Training with Kate is an investment in excellence. Excellence is what her clients invest in too. Excellence is what she delivers instinctively, technically, creatively and consistently. The insight and learning she delivers takes the value way beyond the price tag! Nikki


Many Workshops

‘Another complete fresh overload of information.’

I have attended courses before with Kate and have always enjoyed and benefited from the courses. I have just attended the Before and After Light course and I was not sure how much more I could learn, but I experienced another complete fresh overload of information. The Lumiere team create a great environment to learn and eager to pick up my camera to move further as a photographer, thanks again.


Winter Wedding Lighting

‘More Than I Expected!’

Kate and Brent, I can’t thank you both enough! Today’s training was more than I expected! I felt as though Kate covered every area with such great detail. A lot of things clicked into place and I know as with all my training with Kate that from now and months down the line I will continue to remember and learn and broaden my knowledge. Many, many, many thanks!


DSLR Filming Workshop

‘Delivering intensive training with a relaxed vibe and in such a hugely supportive way. Simply the best!’

Thank-you team byLumiere for an exhilarating DSL filming workshop yesterday with Brent showing the same passion and generosity of knowledge sharing some of us have already been lucky to experience with Kate. It feels incredible to have started with zero filming know how and to leave a single days training with absolute confidence in being able to achieve a competent level of filming very quickly and armed with the knowledge needed to, with time and personal commitment, advance to real expertise. You guys deserve huge congratulations on achieving your unique levels of craftsmanship with equally strong skills at delivering intensive training with a relaxed vibe and in such a hugely supportive way. Simply the best!!

Niki Wright

Speedlight Workshop

‘Absolutely brilliant class’

I popped along to Kate’s Speedlight training today and was so so glad I invested in this. I’ve been a wedding and Boudoir photographer for around 5 years professionally but the dreaded flash was something holding me back from being more creative. Having spent hours trawling the internet and trying to find suitable training sessions online, I found it all very overwhelmtimeconsumingonsuming! I needed this training today and I’ve left feeling so much more confident and eager to get testing what Kate showed us. There were things I would never even have thought about. She gets to basics and explains in depth each important step in understanding light and how the flash works in various scenarios. Absolutely brilliant class and she’s patient too, easy to get along with so flipping talented herself. The cake was lovely too!

Beth Young

Speedlight Workshop

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the training on Friday. It is so hard to find the type of specialist and specific training that you need within this industry and I’ve never walked away from a training course before feeling so enthusiastic and excited!
The integration of the practical elements, powerpoint, photographic examples and just the general down to earth way it’s all delivered really made me take it all in and I feel so confident that I actually know what I’m talking about now with my Speedlight. I can’t wait to start practicing.
So just thank you thank you! I felt stuck in a rut with my capabilities and now I feel I’ve got the opportunity to take a massive leap forward. I’m hoping to attend another one of your courses in the future.


Re-Touching Techniques & Post-Production

‘I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the editing course’

As usual, you were amazing and went above and beyond. I went away feeling inspired and uplifted.

I learnt sooooo much and have already ordered my Wacom gadget.

I am very pleased to tell you that I have successfully healed out some telegraph wires and electric fencing from my clients wall art order this morning. Yippee!!!

Have a great week.


6 Month Foundation Programme

‘I know I made the right decision to pursue my dream…’

I have just completed the 6 month Foundation Programme and all I can say is “I’m so glad I did it!”
Never did I think that now, just 6 months on, I would be ready and confident enough to go live with my own photography business, but it is happening!
I have learned SO much, I think more than I even realise, and I am proud to now call myself a Professional Photographer.
This course really does provide all you need to get you started, each mentor has their own field of knowledge and together they provide the perfect training programme.
The Legal and Business stuff from Becky, The Techy stuff from Brent (and where would I be without that.. in a pickle that’s for sure!) not to mention the amazing and very important Practical Skills from Kate!
They truly care about each person on the course and they go beyond the roles of mentors and trainers, they open their home and hearts to you and this is priceless. I’m going to miss going to my home from home each month!
I have loved every minute of this course and I have never been so excited about my future..!

Zelda Rhiannon

Portrait and Wedding Photography – Before Light to After Light

‘Feeling super inspired’

Had such a fabulous day with Kate and Brent on the workshop. Kate is such a fantastic teacher and we learnt so much! Feeling super inspired, can’t wait to put all I’ve learnt into action!


Portrait Photography

‘So pertinent to my business’

I just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge THANK YOU for your amazing training session on Friday!
It was so pertinent to my business and it gave me lots of moments of the penny dropping!
I came away on such a high and you have enabled me to have more focus on where my business is going.
You were so generous in your knowledge, making me really question the way I shoot and style, it’s given me a real kick up the bum!


One to One Mentoring

‘I am so proud of what I did today and feel I’ve stepped up a gear!’

Thank you so much for mentoring me – I have loved every minute! You have been so generous in giving me the opportunities you have and I simply wouldn’t have the business I do now without your guidance and support and for that, I can’t thank you enough. You inspired me the first time I met you and since have always been so encouraging and empowering.
And then she sent this to me a year later:
I just wanted to drop you a line to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me so much empowerment and knowledge. I’ve just come home from the most exhausting wedding I’ve ever done, but looking through my pictures, I am so proud of what I did today and feel I’ve stepped up a gear! I couldn’t have done that without the benefit of your wonderful training.

Clare Butler

Speedlight Workshop

‘You made it so very simple to understand and for someone who isn’t really techi you explained it so simply’

You have made what I thought complicated into a simple understanding of on camera and off camera flash. Talk about sinking in! It’s stuck and I will use this knowledge every time. You made it so very simple to understand and for someone who isn’t really techi you explained it so simply.


60 Seconds Winner & Foundation Programme Student 2016

 I was very fortunate to nab my place on the six-month foundation course with Training byLumiere after winning the 60 seconds competition with The Photography Show in 2016.

I can’t tell you how grateful and lucky I am to have been on this course hosted by Kate, Brent & Becky because I’ve learnt so much and met some incredible people that I know will be lifelong friends. This isn’t your average “course”, Kate & Brent describe Holbrook House as ‘home away from home’ because that’s what it is. A relaxed environment, fuelled by skittles and chocolate brownies, learning the ins and outs of running a successful photography business from current and relevant industry professionals. Kate & Brent don’t hold anything back when it comes to sharing knowledge, they want you to grow and succeed, that’s the whole point!

I was so eager for the programme to start and now I can’t believe it’s over already, six months have passed so quickly. I’ve gained so much more knowledge (I’m so embarrassed that six months ago I was still shooting in Auto/Av, don’t tell anyone) and so much more confidence in myself and my photography.

I can really say that this course has changed my life and has been that push that I needed to achieve my ultimate dream of being a professional photographer. I can’t thank the byLumiere team enough and I can’t wait to see them again soon. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for me! x

Beth Lavin

Portrait and Wedding Photography – Before Light to After Light

‘I would recommend your training to anyone who is aspiring into the realms of the art of photography!’

Hi Kate, I attended your Before Light to After Light course yesterday and all I can say is Wow! and Thank you!! I can truly say that I am now an ‘After Light’ photographer and every single thing that you went through yesterday will be put into practice every time I pick up the camera from now on! I look forward to showing you some of my images to show you how I’m doing! I would recommend your training to anyone who is aspiring into the realms of the art of photography! You’re a fantastic trainer and a truly inspiring artist! Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again soon!


One to One Mentoring

‘You have restored my faith, confidence and passion’

Firstly, it was an absolutely magical day which taught me so much. You were very patient and explained things so clearly, it all immediately made sense! The knowledge you’ve learned over the years was so freely given, I cannot thank you enough. After the bad experience from another training course, you have restored my faith, confidence and passion to create pictures which simply show people in love. You told me the things we covered would take a few days to ‘drip feed’ into my memory, you were not wrong about that either! I can’t thank you enough, you have had a massive impact on the kind of photographer I want to be. 


Before Light to After Light Workshop

‘I don’t think I have come away from any other training with as much knowledge as yours.’

I honestly learnt so much yesterday Kate. Thank you. When I was driving home I was going over everything in my head and I don’t think I have come away from any other training with as much knowledge as yours. Good luck both of you with Lumiere. Brilliant.


Portrait Workshop

‘I feel a lot more confident to use additional lighting now’

I enjoyed the day and learned so much. A lot to take in and some new purchases to be made before my first winter wedding next week! I feel a lot more confident to use additional lighting now and even if it’s raining, I’ll be more confident to try group shots and even B&G portraits indoors. I’ve been on a wedding lighting course before but to be honest, I didn’t learn enough practically and I know I can always count on Kate to deliver training in such a way that makes it a lot easier to understand. As always, Kate is so willing to share her knowledge and experience. Thank you so much!

Jade Osborne

Workflow and Post Production Workshop

‘I’ve already saved a mammoth amount of time today on editing a wedding.’

Once again we’ve learnt some amazing things with Kate and Brent. Such down to earth people. I’ve already saved a mammoth amount of time today on editing a wedding. Can’t recommend them highly enough..! 

Libby & Chris

6 Months Mentoring

‘You have filled me with Confidence’

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful mentor.  I have enjoyed every bit of it.  I have learnt so much and you have filled me with confidence for my new brand.  I don’t want it to end!

Catherine Evans

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